Post Production Studios: On Their Way Out

Post Production Studios: On Their Escape

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It’s obvious the movie market has changed substantially in the past decade. Recent innovations like the trend to shoot Digital Video rather of film and the development of CGI has opened new worlds of possibility for the independent filmmaker. Very few individuals might manage to make high quality films 10– 15 years ago, but that’s all changed. Imaginative auteurs can now produce quality movies and videos from the benefit of their own homes using equipment that’s inexpensive. And now, with lorries to show the world their work like YouTube and other similar websites, whatever from pre-production to circulation can be done from the filmmaker’s bedroom.

Here’s exactly what you need to establish your very own multimedia editing bay in a spare space:

First, you’ll be purchasing devices, so you’ll need something to put that devices on. We found excellent, high quality multimedia tables at Versa Products, Inc. The tables are personalized for the specific devices you prepare to purchase, deliver free of charge, and bring a life time guarantee.

Okay, now for the equipment. You’ll initially require a camcorder to tape-record the images you prepare to edit together. We found mini DV camcorders on ebay starting as low as $55.00. Pawn shops are likewise a great location to discover budget friendly electronic equipment, or you can opt for one with a warranty and purchase brand name new from retailers like Best Buy.

Next, you’ll require a computer that can NLE (Non-Linear Modifying). Numerous home PCs are currently adequate, but if you’re in the marketplace to purchase a new one, take some time to check out reviews in magazines like PC World to obtain a feel for the system you wish to buy. The faster the system, the easier your life will be as soon as you begin to edit video footage. In addition to being quick, you require a computer with a substantial amount of memory. We suggest a minimum of 256MB of RAM, and more is most likely better. Along with the computer system itself, you’ll require a good screen (the bigger, the better) for clear editing. Remember, when the video is produced, it may be viewed on a tv screen that might be 50 inches or more. Imperfections are a lot easier to see when magnified that big, so it is very important that you modify on a clear, large screen monitor so there will not be any surprises once it hits the “big screen” in your living-room.

You’ll also have to download the software that enables you to modify. Media Studio Pro 6.5 is accepted as industry standard, although there are others that do the exact same thing. In addition to the software, you’ll require a FireWire card which enables you to transfer the shot video from your camcorder to the PC. The software application will then permit you to manipulate the footage and start editing.

Once you have all of this, you’ll be able to create your masterpiece. But then exactly what? While it’s possible to publish the completed video online, you must consider ahead of time if you’re going to want to put it on DVD and make several copies of those DVDs. If so, you’ll need one last piece of equipment: a DVD burner or a CD burner if you plan to make CD-Roms.

Setting up a house video editing bay isn’t really the most basic thing worldwide, and learning from your mistakes can be anticipated. However it’s likewise not such a daunting job that it should not be taken on by the amateur. At each step of the way, research the best equipment and software for your own specific functions and upgrade when you have the time and cash to do so. And many of all, enjoy exactly what you’re doing. Be imaginative and have fun.